Meet our vendors and partners

We work with the best of the best in the industry so we can provide you with high-quality products and services. Take a look at our extensive list of trusted vendors, all of which Hanco is proud to partner with.

Primary Hose Vendors

Manuli Hydraulics – Hydraulic Hose & Ftgs
Parker Industrial – Industrial Hose
Southeastern Hose – Metal Hose/Teflon Hose
Jason Industrial Hose – Industrial Hose & Ftgs
Texcel Hose – Industrial Hose
Dixon – QC’s & Industrial Ftgs
General Rubber – Rubber Expansion Joints
Hansa-Flex – Thermoplastic Hose
Home Rubber – Hand Built Industrial Hose
Salem Republic Rubber – Hand Built Industrial Hose
Kastalon – Polyurethane Products
Microflex – Metal Hose/Exp. Joints
Novaflex – Industrial/Composite Hose
PT Coupling – Industrial Ftgs
World Wide Fittings – High Pressure Adapters
Airstream – Industrial Fans
Voith – Fluid Couplings

Additional Hose and Accessory Vendors

ADL – High Temp Sleeving
Anchor/FSI – Gaskets/Mechanical Seals
Anchor Fluid Power – High Pressure Ftgs/Flanges
Atlantex – High Temp Sleeving
Badger – Fabric/Metal Exp. Joints
Darco Southern – High Temp Fabric/Sleeving
Hydraulics Inc. – High Pressure Swivels
AM/FM Omega One – S/S Braid Collars
PCI – High Pressure QC’s/Valves
Penflex – S/S Hose and Braid
SHF – S/S Ftgs/Adapters
Snap Tite – Fire Hose
Zeus – Heat Shrinkable Teflon Sleeve

(list continued)

Abtrex – Rubber Lined Pipe
ADSCO – S/S Expansion Joints\
Beltservice – Conveyor Belt/Wrapper Belts
BM Cramer – Apollo Valves
Custom Crimp – Hydraulic Crimping Machines
DL Lok – Instrumentation Fittings
HiTech Duravent – Ducting/Hit Temp Ducting
Hunter Sales – Sealing Products/Rubber
Key Fire Hose – Fire Hose/Accessories
OPW – Kamloks/Swivels/Loading Arms
Forest City – Customer Cover Fabrication
Pureflex – Teflon Hose
Seal Fast – Industrial Fittings/Hose
Seneca Rubber – Specialty Sealing Products
SRM – Protective Products
Sunflow – PVC Discharge Hose