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KREBS® Technequip™ Knife Gate Valves

KREBS TG knife gate slurry valves for slurry handlingKREBS® Technequip™ knife gate valves are true bi-directional knife gate valves with an open-body design, and full port flow. Replaceable rubber sleeves are designed to seal and withstand the harsh, abrasive conditions inherent in mining and milling and power plant applications, leading to reduced downtime for replacement and maintenance. These valves also offer safety features that reduce hazards during installation and maintenance.

The ideal knife gate valve – designed to meet your application requirements

Designed specifically for highly abrasive applications, the KREBS® Technequip™ (TG) Valve features a full-port, open-body design, which allows the gate to create a path for solids to exit through the bottom of the valve as it passes between the massive elastomer sleeves. The massive sleeves, which are longer than the valve body, compress to provide a ​100% bubble-tight seal, resulting in zero downstream leakage when the valve is in the fully open or the fully closed position.

Reliable performance in the most demanding applications

The harsh conditions of your operation are a breeze with our KREBS® Technequip™ Valves.  Our knife gate valves are heavy-duty, true bi-directional slurry valves.  The full flanged body allows for massive rubber sleeves to provide a reliable seal while withstanding the rough conditions inherent in mining and industrial applications.

For more information regarding the TG (Knife Gate Value), TGW (Knife Gate Wafer Style Value), TGH (Knife Gate High Pressure Value) and TGHP (Knife Gate Extra High Pressure Value), please refer to the below information.

KREBS TG valves on cyclone manifoldKREBS® knife gate slurry valves (TG) are ideal for (WFGD) wet flue gas desulphurization processes requiring high performance and reliability. Our valves are designed with quick and easy replaceable elastomer sleeves and gates. 

It is crucial for a power plant to have reliable valves to keep the process moving so they can meet the demands and emission requirements without downtime.

KREBS TGW- Technequip knife gate valvesThe same proven design of the standard KREBS® Knife Gate Valves in a WAFER STYLE!

The TGW is the KREBS® Wafer Style Knife Gate Valve designed specifically for lighter duty in abrasive applications. It features a full-port, open-body design, which allows the gate to create a path for solids to exit through the bottom of the valve as it passes between the elastomer sleeves reducing the possibility of jamming.The narrow-body valve is simple to install, for demanding conditions where space is limited, requiring smaller​ face-to-face flange dimensions. The sleeves compress to provide a 100% bubble-tight seal, resulting in zero downstream leakage when the valve is in the fully open or the fully closed position.

  • Flush ports: We have added flush ports to the valve housing to assist in keeping the housing area free of build-up.
  • Wiper / Secondary seal: A newly designed wiper assembly completely surrounds the gate assisting in redirecting the solids out the bottom cavity of the housing during actuation.  For easy maintenance, the wiper blade is field-replaceable without removing the valve from its installed location.
  • Grease Ports: The grease ports have been strategically positioned to aide in easy grease distribution

TGW Valves installed on a KREBS® cyclone manifold in a mining operation.

TGH KREBS High pressure Knife Gate ValvesRobust bi-directional valves​ for your higher-pressure applications.Our high pressure (TGH) and extra high pressure (TGHP) are specifically designed for your most demanding applications. Due to the unique design of the valve, there is no need for a packing gland which reduces maintenance time and eliminates associated actuation issues caused by slurry build-up and dewatering in and around the packing gland. It also allows the gate to eject material out of the bottom during actuation, so you can be sure of full gate closure and a reliable seal. The gate is fully out of the pipeline when open. This minimizes pressure drop across the valve.

TGH – Technequip High-Pressure Knife Gate Valve is a heavy-duty, wide-body, slurry knife gate valve designed specifically for highly abrasive applications. TGH Valves available in Bevel Gear, Hydraulic, Air Cylinder, Handwheel and Electric actuators with a High Pressure rating up to 300 PSI.​​

TGHP – Technequip EXTRA High-Pressure Knife Gate Valve is a heavy-duty, wide-body, slurry knife gate valve designed specifically for highly abrasive applications. TGHP Valves available in Bevel Gear, Hydraulic, Air Cylinder, Handwheel and Electric actuators with a High Pressure rating up to 740 PSI.

Performance, service life, easy maintenance – all in one universal valve

Optional features available (factory installed)

  • Actuator options: air cylinder, handwheelbevel gear, hydraulic, and electric
  • Multiple elastomer options to suit customer’s specific applications, including pure gum rubber, chlorobutyl, neoprene, nitrile and EPDM
  • Splash guards
  • Lock-outs
  • Gate guards
  • Wide variety of limit switch options
  • Solenoid valves
  • Air filter / Pressure regulators
  • Pre-wired junction boxes
  • Many more accessory options available