Industrial Division

Gearbox Repair

Through ISO based procedures and work instructions each Gearbox is analyzed then repaired ensuring a quality rebuild.  Every repair is governed by our Quality Management System and Software.  This ensures each units reliability.  All rebuilds come with a Hanco Warranty. 

We are not just a repair shop.  Hanco’s engineers will diagnose root cause failures, make design changes and eliminate re-occuring problems.

Internal parts and housings are repaired in our own facility by our own people. 

Hanco tests every unit, at operating speed, on a vibration free isolated test stand.  Units are direct drive coupled to a VFD motor.  The units are tested for temperature, vibration and gear mesh.  Vibration is taken using our Commtest VB5 equipment by a trained Vibration Specialist

Planned outage, or EMERGENCY BREAKDOWN?   No Problem.  Call a Hanco sales engineer for service.  We will operate 24/7/365 to accommodate any need.
We offer onsite service.  Call Hanco and ask one of our Engineers about having an OSHA and MSHA trained technician providing you service, onsite. 

We have experience on most every brand of gearbox.  There is no one brand that we specialize in.